Common Questions

Does Quorum work on any device?

The app is cross-platform. The mobile app works on Apple iOS devices (iPhone), and on Android (Play Store). It also works on your beloved Android tablets and iPad. The web app works with any personal computer with an Internet access.

I am only interested with one of Quorum's feature, but not the full plan.

We are here to give movements momentum. So, yes, we do understand that your need can depend on your own tempo. Contact a member of the team. We will adpat ourselves.

Is Quorum a consulting firm or a communication agency?

No, we are not. Each to its own job and everyone's got their own vocation. At Quorum, we are tech provider. We build technologies which allows you to take better decisions, build meaningful and people centered organisations and campaigns. But decisions are yours. We also work with a network of agencies. So if it's your need, drop us a line we can put you in contact with one of them.

Does Quorum do micro-targeting?

Yes, we do.

Brand or Enterprise: is Quorum made for me?

Yes, one of our mission is to transform how causes and brands engage their most important people. Our apps are here to help people to transform their organisation, their skillset, their way to interact with people, with one objective at the end of the game: scale their impact. Whoever you are: Brand or Causes.

Does Quorum respect privacy?

Yes, this is important to us. Privacy, intimity and civil liberties are fundamental rights. More than a concern, at Quorum it's a value. Even more importantly we have to be mission driven, and meaningful in our work. And, in many cases, we don't need personal data to make this job done.
If data creates exciting opportunities, we have to look at those opportunities without forgetting the outcome we are targeting and without forgetting our key values. We built the company to solve people's problems, and bring positive change. Not to create new problems. Our apps use "privacy by design" principle. And we do have a legal expert in the team. Modern apps. Full Privacy.

What is Quorum?

Quorum is a mobilisation technology company. We build an app that changes the way of volunteering making it more accessible for people & efficient for organisations, using the latest technologies in data and artificial intelligence.

Build a movement, lead a campaign or a cause requires vision & process.
Focus on vision, we take care of process.


Own your own data, securely


Distribute leadership


Your data-driven tool. Everywhere


Quorum's team is supported for its researches in Statistics and Machine Learning.