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Small or larger organizations, Quorum is one of the best investment you can make in running better and smarter campaigns on the field.

Technical support through chat 7 days a weekGreen checkGreen checkGreen check
Premium onboarding / set up / call customer supportNopeGreen checkGreen check
Dedicated Field OfficerNopeNopeGreen check
Access to web appGreen checkGreen checkGreen check
Unlimited access to mobile app for my teamGreen checkGreen checkGreen check
Apps Permission controllerGreen checkGreen checkGreen check
Goals dashboard and people database workflowGreen checkGreen checkGreen check
Contacts and database exportGreen checkGreen checkGreen check
Canvasing featureNopeGreen checkGreen check
Mobile fundraisingNopeGreen checkGreen check
Team organising and field action organising (turf)NopeGreen checkGreen check
Send automatic text messages and emailsNopeGreen checkGreen check
Micro-targeting map (predictive analytics)NopeNopeGreen check
Smart TV appNopeNopeNope
Advanced Data AnalysisNopeNopeNope
Install third party appGreen checkGreen checkGreen check
and more!Green checkGreen checkGreen check
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Learn more about using Quorum to win your election, run your nonprofit, advocate for your community, raise money for your cause or serve your constituents.

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Quorum's field officers and community organizers can help you:

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Agencies and partners

Agencies et Partnership

Communication, Data consultant, Crowdsourcing, let's build better campaigns together leveraging technology.

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They trust us

"Quorum is a game changer for our movement. It helps us to capture data in a way we can really use it to give our movement momentum."

BorderWatkinsTanya WatkinsSOUL CHICAGO

“Quorum helped us to organise fieldwork efficientlty and to convince: block by block, street by street, people by people."

BorderPasteurSébatien Saint PasteurFrench Election, 2015

“My clients can get a better picture of where to act and how to build a ground up strategy thanks to the software.”

BorderK2comAgence K2COMCommunication Agency

"I was reluctant. The use of new technology in politics is not a common thing. But my team adopted it. They changed their skillsets as soon as they understood how faster and stronger would be the campaign using those apps."

BorderMeunierFrédérique MeunierPolitical Leader

"Crowndsourcing campaigns used to be hard work. Especially when you have to analyze 11,000 surveys! With Quorum it takes us just a few minutes comparing hours of manual analysis."

BorderVoix publiqueVoix publiqueCrowdsourcing Campaign, France & Switzerland

Common Questions

Does Quorum work on any device?

The app is cross-platform. The mobile app works on Apple iOS devices (iPhone), and on Android (Play Store). It also works on your beloved ....

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I am only interested with one of Quorum's feature, but not the full plan.

We are here to give movements momentum. So, yes, we do understand that your need can depend on your own tempo.

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Is Quorum a consulting firm or a communication agency?

No, we are not. Each to its own job and everyone's got their own vocation. At Quorum, we are tech provider. We build technologies which allows you ...

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Does Quorum do micro-targeting?

Yes, we do.

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Brand or Enterprise: is Quorum made for me?

Yes, one of our mission is to transform how causes and brands engage their most important people. Our apps are here to help people to transform their organisation...

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Does Quorum respect privacy?

Yes, this is important to us. Privacy, intimity and civil liberties are fundamental rights. More than a concern, at Quorum it's a value...

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Customer support is about winning together.

7/7 Support team ready and poised for action.
Just like you are.

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We believe that when people come together around their shared believes, they can do nearly anything. Spark a movement. Raise millions. Reinvent an organization. Tramsform people's mind.

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Build a movement, lead a campaign or a cause requires vision & process.
Focus on vision, we take care of process.


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Quorum's team is supported for its researches in Statistics and Machine Learning.