Sparking Action

Bring structure to your movement and give superpower to your actions.

Screen displaying options to create an action on canvassing, calls, handout mail, etc..)

Accelerate your organising

  • Create and monitor your actions (challenges, meetings, door-to-door…)
  • Assign them to a territory, a district, a team or a member
  • Always know who in your team attend your events and actions
  • Share useful informations and notes with your teams

Act anytime and anywhere. On the go.

  • Add supporters, donors, contacts and informations collected on the field
  • Enrich and manage  informations
  • Add a contact, an email, a phone number or a supporter contact
  • Never leave a request unanswered again
  • Manage citizen’s issues
Screen of the homepage mobile and show a women in a meeting

Organise optimised door-to-door

  • Create door-to-door itineraries with pre-recorded data
  • Assign zones to a member or to a team
  • Add a missing address, citizen or building
  • Indicate status: Absent, Refused, Present
  • Filter by distance, address, citizen
  • Survey and start the conversation
  • Knock on the right doors

Move your members to action

  • Call list system
  • Stay up-to-date on your member’s availabilities
  • Upload materials and notes to share with your teams
  • Record territories and streets visited

Integrate with your existing tools

Maximise value from your existing tools by seamlessly syncing across your systems

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